ATV 2.0

Our First Build

In 2021, we introduced our first custom build: a Honda TRX 420.

Featuring a custom bumper and relocation kit, it was a testament to our dedication to off-road excellence.

Now, we're back with ATV 2.0, ready to redefine the limits of adventure

2.0 Start

Second Life

From rust to roar, our Honda TRX 500 FE2 2017 rises from the shadows, reborn with a thunderous spirit.

Embracing its imperfections, we're crafting a masterpiece that honors its past while blazing a trail towards mudding glory.

This is ATV 2.0: a testament to second chances and the power of perseverance.

DemonpowerSports Canada

Heavy Duty Axles

KnightsAtv USA


Highlifter USA


HighLifter Usa


Highlifter Usa

Mud 454 Rocker 15 inch

Obor 30x10x15

Stay up to date with our Big Build

We are hard at work building the new big build Stay tuned to our socials media channels to see the final Build complete