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Knights Atv Usa

Knights Honda Rear Tail light

Knights Honda Rear Tail light

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Add A Toggle Switch

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What is it? 

This tail light replaces your OEM tail light AND comes with a built in reverse light!

What's Included:

  • Adding a toggle switch will allow you to turn on the reverse light manually. This toggle switch comes with some wire, you will need to wire it into the white wire and connect the other side to a ground (frame) yourself.
  • LED Tail light with 3 modes: Running Light (with under light), Brake Light, Reverse Light
  • Plug and Play connectors that fit OEM Wire Harness
  • Mounting Hardware
  • This light also has a Strobe Light function, this is to be hooked up by you to a switch (switch not included). We can help with this if you want this function, just ask us!
  • If you would like to add a colored lens to your order (see pictures below), please tell us in the "COMMENTS" section when you add to cart. 



Fits Models
Replaces electronic actuators with OEM part numbers:

We have now confirmed that this kit and the King Kit work on all of the Alterra's with the finger brake style 4x4 lever!!

2005-2008 400 FIS
2008 400 TRV
2005-2009 500 FIS
2005-2006 500 TBX
2008 500 TRV
2004-2006 650 V2
2005-2008 650 H1
2006-2008 700 EFI
2008 700 H1
2007-2008 700 Diesel
2008 1000
2011-2012 425, XC450
2013 400, 400TRV, 500, 500TRV, XC450
2014 400, 450, XC450, 400TRV
2015 400, 450, XC450
2016 XC450, Alterra 400
2009-2012 400 TRV
2010-2012 450
2013-2016 500
2009-2016 550 H1
2009-2016 700 H1 and TBX
2010-2015 700 Diesel
2009-2016 1000 H2
2020-2021 Alterra 700 (and more)

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Honda - Tail Light with Reverse Quickview

Unique Features:

  • Running (with under light), Brake, and Reverse Light modes all in one tail light!
  • No cutting/splicing wires
  • Completely plug n play design
  • Quick and easy installation

1. Remove your seat, open the back hatch, and remove the plastic in between the seat and the
back hatch that covers your battery.

2. Unplug and push out your tail light, you may need to spray some lubricant on the plastic and use
a small socket to push on the plastic tabs of the tail light in order to get it to pop out.

3. Using the 2 supplied screws, screw in your new tail light. Do not over tighten it, just tighten it
enough that the OEM rubber gromets start to compress.

4. Plug the tail light into the OEM connector

5. Take the wire harness with the relay and connect the red wire (this has a round terminal on the
end) to the positive side of your battery.

6. Plug the blue wire from that into the tail light

7. Connect the 8 (or 10) pin wire harness in between your OEM connectors, located on the right
side, even with the back of your seat, just behind the top of the side plastic.

8. Run the white wire from there under the plastics back to the tail light, secure it with cable ties

9. Plug this white wire into the white wire from the other harness.

10. Secure everything with cable ties.

11. Put the plastic and seat back on.

12. Done!